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Sunday April 28, 2013

posted Apr 29, 2013, 7:58 AM by Moonlight Rounders
Party Dance
BO3 All fall down
JV3 Hide nor hair
RU3 Esta rumba
WZ3 Dancing in the fog
CH3 Rock and roll
ST4 Exodus
TSQSJV3 Quick and happy feet
FT3 Flim flam man
FTJV3 A date with the blues
BO4 Years
TSRUFT3 Pop goes the movies
JV4 Do it rat now
WZ4 All the stars in the sky

CH4 Beautiful Sunday
WZ4 A waltz for lovers
WC4 Sail along silvery moon
ST4 St Elmo's fire
FTJV4 Boom boom
JV5 Beale street
ST4 4 My angel
CH5 Love grows
FT5 Sam's new pants

WZ3 Wind in the willows
RU4 Cryin' in the rain
JVSS4 In the mood
ST5 Beat of your heart
TA4 El choclo
FT4 Diane
JV5 Mohair Sam
BO5 Wounded heart
BO5 Gabriella's sang
RUCH4 Mucho mambo
WZ4 Me and my sister