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Sunday June 30, 2013

posted Jul 1, 2013, 9:02 AM by Moonlight Rounders
BO3 All fall down
JV3 If Bubba can dance
ST3 Wonderful rain
WZ3 Desert song
JV3 Santa Catalina
RU3 Cupid
WC4 Misbehavin'
BO3 Head on my shoulder
WZ3 Forever Greensleeves

RU3 All I ask
CHJVTS I like it, I love it
FT Begin the beguine
CH3 Where stars and stripes and eagles fly
WZ3 Love never broke anyone's heart
WC4 Take it back
RU4 Arms of Mary
JV4 California girls
ST4 Rachel's song
CH3 Funky cowboy

MA3 Mambo with papa
WZ3 Feed the birds
SSQS4 Two o'clock jump
ST4 St Elmo's fire
WC4 Heartbreak Hotel
BO5 Gabriella's sang
JV4 Little deuce coupe
WZ4 All the stars in the sky
RU4 Il mio cuore va

WZ4 Plaisir d'amour
TA3 Un tango del cuore
QS4 Chewin' gum
FT4 Stand up for love
FTJV5 Drinking champagne
WC5 Hotel Happiness
WZ5 Snow
CH5 This is love
BO5 Every day of my life
FT5 Eager beaver
JV5 How lucky can one guy be
ST4 4 my angel
TA3 Julia tango
WZ4 Girl in my arms