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Sunday November 13, 2016

posted Nov 17, 2016, 7:51 AM by Moonlight Rounders   [ updated Nov 21, 2016, 2:41 PM ]
FTJV3 All I got
QS4 Ritzy
QSTS4 The truth about love

FTJV4 All of me
FTJV3 Lazy day
FTJV4 Blue orchid
FTJV4 Our love is here to stay
RU3 Can you feel the love tonight
ST4 Slow drums
WZ3 Mexican wind
WZ4 Brahms dream
WZ4 Legends of the fall
WC4 Left footers
WC4 Misbehavin

WZ5 Hollywood waltz
QS4 Danke schoen
FTJV5 Good times are everywhere
QS4 Tijuana taxi
RU5 Right here waiting for you
ST4 Where do I go
WZ4 Last waltz of the evening IV
WZ4 Love ain't here anymore IV