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Sunday November 4, 2012

posted Nov 5, 2012, 8:17 AM by Moonlight Rounders
Intro to Phase III waltz

WZ3 Red carnations
WZ3 Last waltz of the evening
WZ3 Sunrise sunset
WZ3 When can I hold you
WZ3 Run for the roses

RU3 Rumba my way
JV3 Stuck on you
BO3 All fall down
WZ3 Hope
CH3 Irish washerwoman
ST4 If you're ever in my arms
WZ Far away places

FT4 Love letters
QSTS3 Love quickstep 3
WZ4 Scheherazade
FTJV4 Let's fall in love
WZ3 Three times a lady
WC4 Somebody's knockin'
RU4 Beautiful rumba
JV4 You left the water running
BO4 Almost bolero
FT4 Allegheny foxtrot
QS4 Paper kisses
JV5 Rama lama ding dong