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Sunday September 11, 2016

posted Sep 13, 2016, 3:52 PM by John McFerran   [ updated Sep 13, 2016, 3:52 PM ]
Tami cueing

WZ4 A taste of honey (Meyer)
WZ4 No walls (Worlock)
WZ4 Sicilienne (Shibata)
FT4 Company store (Prow)
FT4 Night and day IV (Preskitt)
FT4 Witchcraft (Slater)
FT4 What a lovely way (Heiny)
FT4 It makes no difference (Preskitt)

BO3 The gift (Kincaid)
CH3 Paparazzi cha (Kincaid)
FTJV3 Play a simple melody III (Gloodt)
WC4 I'm a man in love (Cunningham)
QSSS3 Seventeen (Scot)
RU3 Clean white shirt (Seurer)
MA3 Lily III (Parker)
WZ3 Beautiful isle of somewhere (Taylor)
JV3 Why don't we just dance (Manning)
STJV3 Catch a slow two step (Chico)
CH3 Harper Valley cha (Seurer)
FT4 Change partners IV (Baldwin)

FT4 All of me (Goss)

BO4 I want a love that will last (Parker)
CH4 Uptown funky IV (Helms/Keck)
WC4 Man, I feel like a woman (Preskitt)
WZ4 Spring (Rotscheid)
WZ4 Molly Maguires waltz (Lamberty)
JVFT4 Train of love (Molitoris)
JV5 Boy from New York City
ST4 St Elmo's fire (Gloodt)
WZ4 River lullaby (Lillefield)
BORB4 Buy me a rose (Read)
CH4 Eye of the tiger (Matthews)
JV5 Sunflower V (Tonks)
FT4 Solitude city (Gibson)
QS3 Champagne quickstep (Rother)
BO5 On days like these (Preskitt)
FT4 Near you IV (Harris)