Sundays, Jeanine Norden teaches and cues Phase III through VI rounds at Oak Grove Community Club in Portland, Oregon.  Cost is $6 per person.
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The last Sunday of the month is often a Dance Party from 2pm to 6pm (without teaches).
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The schedule is also available at Where'sTheDance .

     2018 schedule
   2:00-3:00  Phase 3 dancing
   3:00-3:30  Easy Phase 4 dancing
   3:30-4:00  Early teach
   4:00-4:30  Harder Phase 4 dancing
   4:30-6:30  Phase 4, 5, 6 Dance & Teach

   6:00-7:00  Private Lessons (contact Jeanine)  
   7:00-9:00  4,5,6 Workshop/Dance  

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