Sunday September 17, 2017

posted Sep 18, 2017, 10:56 AM by John McFerran   [ updated Sep 18, 2017, 10:57 AM ]

FT4 Alley cat
ST4 This guy's in love with you (Gloodt)

Sunday September 9, 2017

posted Sep 15, 2017, 3:31 PM by Moonlight Rounders   [ updated Sep 16, 2017, 7:31 AM ]

Cheryl cueing

CH3 Here comes Lolita
FT3 Daydream believer
JV4 Little deuce coupe
TA3 Hideaway tango (Prow)
RU4 Look at you girl
WZ3 Ginny come letely
CH4 All about that bass
WC4 West coast swingin'
MA3 La Bamba

WC4 Living in a fantasy (Chadd)

CH4 Eye of the tiger
ST4 Me and the elephant
RU3 Always there

RU4 Orinoco flow (Woodruff)

BO5 Gabriella's sång (Hilpert-Pohl)
FT4 Cheek to cheek
WZ5 Dancing leaves (Nelson)
QS4 42nd street 4 you (Rotscheid)
ST5 A long and lasting love (Gloodt)
WZ4 Legends of the fall (Gloodt)
JV5 Later, alligator (Rumble)
RU4 Ebb tide IV

Sunday September 2, 2017

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Ken cueing

RU3 Intended romance (Wulf)
JV3 Baby you've got what it takes (Helms)
BO4 Si vuelves tu (Dierickx)
CHRU3 Can't stop the feeling (Catt)
FT3 Daydream believer (Byars)
RU3 Let me go home (Lewis-Olson)
CH3 I've grown accustomed to your face (Preskitt)
WZ3 Daddy's little girl (Noble)

RU4 Tears in heaven (Shibata)
FTJV3 Footsteps (Baba)
TA3 Hideaway tango (Prow)
WC4 In times like these (Gloodt)
FT3 At long last love (Oren)
CH3 Black horse & cherry tree cha (Hattrick)
ST4 Hallelujah (Kline)
JV3 Mama (Parker)
BO4 Quererte a ti (Dierickx)
JV4 I gotta know (Parker)

WZ4 Our moon waltz (Harris)
JVQSTS3 Seventeen (Scott)
BO5 Gabriella's sÂng (Hilpert-Pohl)
CH4 Funky cowboy (Hattrick)
FT4 Gateway foxtrot (Loehr)
QS3 LOVE quickstep 3 (Callen)
RU4 I'm not giving you up (Pratt)
MATS3 Just a little bit of mambo (Renauld)

BO5 Amistad (Kenny)
JV5 Pink Cadillac (Lawson)
WZ4 Marilyn, Marilyn (Palmquist)
WC5 Under the boardwalk (Williams)
FT5 Footsteps with me (Kennedy)
WZ5 Lights of London (Schmidt)
FT4 Solitude City (Gibson)
RU4 Cuando me enamoro (Gloodt)
FT4 Am i blue IV (Slater)

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