Wednesday April 18, 2018

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Sunday April 15, 2018

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RU4 Skyfall (Race)

CH4 Dance with the devil (Pelton)
ST4 This guy's in love with you (Gloodt)
WZ4 Legends of the fall (Gloodt)
FT4 Cheek to cheek (Chadd)
WC4 Man, I feel like a woman (Preskitt)
QS4 42nd street 4 you (Rotscheid)
BO4 The best of me (Goss/Figwer)
JV4 I gotta know (Parker)
RU4 The way we were (Sperry)
CH5 Kiss on my list (Preskitt)
BO5 Gabriella's sång (Hilpert-Pohl)
FTJV4 Let's fall in love (Gloodt)
WZ5 Candlelight (Goss)

FT5 How little we know (Childers)
WZ4 Für Elise (Rumble)
JV5 Beale street (Lillefield)

RU5 Strangers in the night (Preskitt)
WZ5 Nightfall (Rumble)
WC5 Mermaid in the night (Goss-Figwer)
FT4 Solitude City (Gibson)

QS4 Thoroughly modern Millie (Preskitt)
RU4 Carnival (Rumble)

Sunday March 25, 2018

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ST4 Me and the elephant (Woolcock)
CHRU3 Can't stop the feeling (Rochelle)
FT4 On the sunny side of the street (Rumble)
JV5 How lucky can one guy be? (Preskitt)
BO4 Auf dunnem eis getanzt (Dierickx)
CH5 Love grows (Worlock)
FT5 Capone (Armstrong)
CH5 Cuando me cha (Preskitt)  (videos)
WZ4 Me & my sister (Read)

RU5 Perfidia in Brazil (Hurd)
RUFT5 I belong to you (Dodge)
TA3 Julia tango (Kincaid)
FTJV5 Do you know what it means (Woodruff)
WC4 Lovey dovey (Blackford)

ST6 Adeline (Shibata)
WZ5 If I ain't got you (Johnson)
BO5 I can love you like that (Johnson)
QS4 Thoroughly modern Millie (Preskitt)
WZ5 Dancing leaves (Nelson)
WZ5 Silence of the world (Moore)

Sunday March 18, 2018

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BO3 Endless Love
CH3 Irish Washerwoman
CH3 I've Grown Accustomed to your Face
FT3 Among the Wicklow Hills
FT4 All to Myself 4
JV3 Jumptown Jive
JV3 Why Don't We Just Dance
MA3 Mambo Gelato
FTJV3 King of the Road (Koozer)
FTJV3 Nice & Easy
RU3 Guantanamera III
ST3 You Raise Me Up
ST4 Spending Time With Friends
WZ3 Dancing Together
WZ3 Free Spirit III
WC4 Bottle This Up

JV4 Stand Up For Love
WC4 Living In A Fantasy
BO5 Danny Boy Bolero
CH5 Cuando Me Cha
RU5 Strangers In The Night
WZ4 Our Moon Waltz
WZ4 Sahara
WZ5 Free Spirit
FT5 Close To You
FT5 I Like To Lead When I Dance
JV4 My Baby Loves Lovin

Wednesday March 14, 2017

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FT Close to you (Shibata)
ST6 Adeline (Shibata)
ST4 Mr lonely
WZ4 Eucalyptus forest
WC4 West coast swingin' (Nelson)
BO4 Garden of angels (Blackford)
WZ4 Rose of Tralee
JV4 Oh yes I do

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