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Sunday August 6, 2017

posted Aug 9, 2017, 1:06 PM by John McFerran   [ updated Aug 9, 2017, 1:06 PM ]
Tami ccueing

RU3 Goodbye rumba (Gilbert)
FTJV3 Dankeschoen (Molitoris)
WZ3 For those who are young (Powell-Broise)
CH3 Good morning cha (Seurer)
ST3 Brown eyes blue
WZ3 Bones in the sky
CHRB3 Can't stop the feeling (Catt)

FTJV3 Play a simple melody III (Gloodt)
BO3 Love me with all you heart (Ito)
JV4 Teacher's pet IV (Hixson)
ST4 Raining in my heart (Gloodt)
RU4 I'm not giving you up IV (Pratt)

QS4 Button up your overcoat (Rotscheid)
WZ4 Brahms dream (Woodruff)
MA4 You can do magic (Kenny)
BO4 El reloj (Trankel)
WC4 Bottle up the West Coast (Callen)
FTJV4 Boom boom goes my heart (Weiss)
RU4 Under the boardwalk
FT4 Exactly like you (Slater)
QS4 Ritzy quickstep (Rother)
ST4 Girl crush IV (Ahart)
FT4 Sam's new pants (Finch)
WZ4 Distant melody IV (Garza)

CH4 I can't go for that (Goss)
WC5 Mermaid in the night (Goss-Figwer)
MA4 Donde estas yolanda (Parker)