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Sunday March 24, 2013

posted Mar 25, 2013, 8:25 AM by Moonlight Rounders
Party Dance

RU3 Catch a falling star
WZ3 This is our dance
CH3 Beach Party
BO3 All the girls
JV3 Good luck charm
ST3 Jamestown ferry
WZ3 Steal away
TSFTRU Pop goes the movies
RU3 California dreaming
JV3 Sweet and lovely
BO3 Head on my shoulder
SS3 Chattanooga

WZ3 Come by the hills
CH4 Cowboy coffee
BO4 Years
TSQSSS Quickstep aint enough
RU3 Igloos and castles
QS3 Continental goodnight
ST3 Brown eyes
CH4 Moves like Jagger
FT3 Brand new fool
WZ3 Feed the birds
WC4 Lovey dovey IV
TSFT3 Old times with you
WZ3 River Seine

WZ4 Coney Island IV
CH4 What I miss about heaven
FT4 Zeeman
QS4 Champagne
WZ4 Molly Maguire
FTJV4 Do it again
RU4 Cryin' in the rain
WZ4 Plaisir d'amour
WZ3 Someone must feel like a fool

ST3 Adeline III
WZ4 Lauranne
TA3 Spanish shawl
ST4 A summer's place
WZ4 A beautiful day for goodbye
RU4 Mexico
TA3 Tres hombres paraglidos
WZ4 Saddle the wind